What is skin-fair?

SkinFair offers skins trading for CS.GO. We operate similarly to the well-known Steam market. The difference is that you can turn your credit into real money. As a result, prices are lower than in the Steam market, which benefits both the seller and the buyer. We provide protection during trading and cash flow on our site. You must be 18 years or older to use our site.

How does skin-fair work?

With skin-fair you can safely trade skins. The whole process is automated and covered by our algorithms, so there is no fraud. If you buy a skin on SkinFair, you will receive it within minutes from our Steam boots. If you sell skins on SkinFair, you will receive sales sales immediately after sale as credit to your SkinFair account and you can immediately withdraw them as real money or use them to buy other skins. For each sale he charges a skin-fair commission of 10% from the seller.

How do I sell at Skin-Fair?

  • Log in to Skin-fair with your account
  • Make sure your Steam privacy settings and your inventory are set to public
  • In the navigation bar, press the "Sell items" button 
  • Select skins to sell through your inventory. You can choose one or more skins to give
  • Shortly after, you will receive a commercial offer from one of our Skin-fair Bots on Steam
  • Accept the business offer and complete your Skin-fair offer. It may take a few minutes for your offer to appear in the market. If you're looking for your CS: GO skin, also check out items with a locked store
  • Back in Skin-Fair.com account page click on "Your items" on the left side
  • Click on the item You want sell and set a price or use our price suggestion
  • Press "Sell item" button
  • Once someone buys your skin on the market, the value of the sale will be credited to your Skin-fair account

How do I shop at Skin-Fair?

  • Log in to Skin-fair with your account
  • Recharge your credit by clicking on the credit
  • Select skins to buy
  • Press to buy the skin
  • Press "confirm"
  • Once you confirm the transaction, the skin is transferred to your inventory

Trade lock

Since CS: GO has been updated since March 30, 2018, CS: GO items are automatically locked for 7 days after they have been traded. Trading block always ends at 7:00 (GMT) or after the last business day. So in the worst case, business blocking actually takes 8 days. Skin-fair has no effect on this lock, nor can we bypass it. As a result, skins that have been sent to Skin-fair and the offer has been canceled cannot be sent back to your Steam account until the business deadline for these items is over. Trade blocking items that are offered at Skin-fair can be purchased with the trade blocking indicated. After blocking the buyer can get the skin on the account. Until then, the skin will remain in the Skin-fair inventory, which is accessible via your profile. The seller will receive their money immediately after the purchase is complete.


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